Movies I watched lately..... part 2

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Second installment. Just keeping my ideas out there, and possible movies for people to watch.

**Lesbian Section**

Losing Chase

In this movie, many scenery shots were done of the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. There was a pretty slow progression of events.
This movie deals with the fluid concept of sanity, and the difficult coming to terms of affection and new feelings in a new experience.
It shows the way a new love and relationship can bring you to life after so many years of internal death. It also shows the slow development of a relationship and two people’s fascination for each other.
Good camera angles and shots were used. A pleasant movie. Not bad to watch. I will probably remember this movie for a while, but I am not sure if I would watch it again. The music was very good though. I would recommend this movie to watch though, because while the plot is not too strong, the performances by the actors are memorable.

**out of *****.

Pourquoi pas moi? (What About Me?)

“Four gay French expatriots share a business in Barcelona. When they and their parents are thrown together for a "coming out" party, another French Farce ensues.” ~IMDB

This funny French film released in 1999 is a treasure. Well for me at least. It is fun, has a cast of great actors and actresses, the chemistry between characters is superb, and the flow of the film in general is a treat.
Something about this film struck me and will not soon leave me. Maybe it’s the charismatic, slightly sluttish, and beautiful Eva (my personal favorite), the outspoken, intelligent, and elegant Adriane, or the rambunctious and sadly straight Lilli. The characters are a blast, and bring you into their world. Maybe you wouldn’t like this movie, but for me, me being a fan of foreign films, lesbian/gay movies, and comedies, this movie clicked.

**** out of *****.

Better Than Chocolate

I do not need to say much, for most people have already seen this movie and know how amazing it is. Some moments it makes you laugh, some moments it makes you hot, and some, make you cry.
It has all the unforgettable characters: The soft spoken and endearing Francis, the flamboyant and “I’m not a fucking drag queen” Judy, so fucking adorable Kim and Maggie, and no one can forget Maggie’s mother.
And I think that sex will always be better than chocolate. Just saying.

For those who haven't seen it:
"Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet in Vancouver, develop a passionate romance, and move in together. Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced and decides to move to Vancouver and join the household. Soon after, Lila is befriended by Judy, a transsexual about to undergo a sex-change operation. Complications ensue as the conservative Lila learns the truth about Maggie, Judy, and their diverse group of friends."~suelaneri

***** out of *****.