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So lately i havent been feeling as stressed. I think it was the initial just all the sudden im busy and going crazy out of my mindness. I still tutor 2 people one is 9 (in grade 4) - 1 time a week for 1 hour. The other is 21 (almost 22) working on getting her grade 9 math credit she never got. She has a learning disability and can't read I work with her once a week for 2 hours. Not at all this week she's sending the first unit off to get marked... then she gets it back and 3 units to do... I don't think we'll be able to get it all done by june (3 units each has 5 lessons) and have her ready for the test... she's way behind- she didn't start things right away so we might have to bump it up to 2 times a week for two hours. I don't know. It's up to her and what she can afford and such- she has to pay for everything herself (groceries, tutoring etc) as part of some rules or something that goes along with her having the disability and i think getting disability (like money) although she does work and volunteer.
I'm also doing pit band still. I have pit band every night this week. Our first show is on friday followed by shows on saturday and sunday, Day shows on wednesday and thursday and night shows on friday and saturday. Then we're done. (I think)
My co-op is going spleendid, although it's getting slightly boring because we have two student teachers in the room (both full time) and there teaching right now so i can't pull kids out of class and tutor them since they need to be there for the lessons.
School is going pretty good. I have music and physics. Music is easy but hard. Im good at it but he expects so much more out of me then everyone else which makes it hard. Physics i have an 88 in.. i think i have the highest marks of the girls... a lot of the guys in the class are really smart one has a 99.
I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks yesterday.. I loved it. Ruby i shoulda listened to you and watched it sooner.
I bought it today and mr. magorium's wonder imporium (sp?)
I really want to see Nim's Island.
The job i applied for last weekend went no where. They said to come back yesterday and i did and they were like we've already hired too people. Im like wtf you just wasted my time... but i didn't instead i was like, well you have my resume and if a position opens up i'd reallly like you to consider me. It was at a pool place so it would been seasonal anyway.
Tomorrow im applying at a party place, and on weds maybe tuesday i'm going to apply at the local (new) complex that's behind my school it's a swiming, ice pad type place. They're hiring a bunch of positions only two am i going to appy for one which is little kid programs the other a desk position.
Friday i read the book Wide Awake it was good. I had a P.A day and was babysitting so i had nothing to do but read, the kids amuse themselves. We went outside since i was nice and we jumped rope until it rain.
Yesterday i tutored, (after going to the pool place) went to my grandmas, and grocery shopping, and i also went to my dads where i ate dinner and watched Alvin.