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scandalboy's picture ass. i dont think i've every been so weirded out by what my life is shaping up to be. everything is so strange and out of whack, i feel like augusten in running with scissors, where im standing still but everything else is spinning out around me. i have these two massive assignments coming up for english, 2 performances and 2 written pieces for my drama classes, AND ALOT of personal shite churning up and around inside of me.

i explained to mike how i miss being in a relationship... i miss the little things, eg being hugged and kissed, the feelings of being loved and needed, then the sexual desires, the feeling of a body against mine. but then, i have all this emotional shit that i just cant deal with. if i was to get another bf atm, id probably essplode. if he dumped me, that would just send me over the edge. i dunno. i want it, but i know i cant handle it. plus the fact that i'm finding it hard atm to meet guys doesnt really help.


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The worst time to be in a relationship is when you need one.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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that is VERY good advice

that is VERY good advice