New Project on LGBTQ issues

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I am working on a written project that involves LGBTQ college students. It is all about a discussion of sexual assault in the LGBTQ college community and the prevalence of it. This can include those who were assaulted in college but may not be attending currently. I am accepting contributions of poetry and written essays talking about the issues surrounding all of the above and the persons intimate experience of it, survivor's stories, more or less. The submissions can be public or anonymous, however the person chooses. If you or someone you know has experience and wishes to send in a submission, they can do so at The heading should contain: College Sexual Assault Contribution

There they could indicate how they wish to be acknowledged.

This e-mail may be passed on to those persons who may have interest in sharing their stories or written word.

Thank you for your time, and peace to all,

Tyler Erlendson