Oh boy...

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Rain. Wow. It's even different in Brazil. It was like... a huge downpour. I mean, y'know how your pant's hem gets wet. Kinda annoying right? But that takes like 5 minutes... This was like... a fucking river dumping onto us. Like the everything below the knee line was wet (at least it didn't get my seat wet)...

But OH MY GOD! I wish my spikes were here ;[... I want to sprint! I want blocks! The club has this BEAUTIFUL track... and oh my gosh!

And my spikes are so pretty!

*sniffles* I want to sprint. Balls to the walls...

But at least for once in my life I think I found a sport I like... ^.^



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aww, really liking a sport

aww, really liking a sport is the best though. the most you have to wait the more fun it is to get them!

good luck with the rain, too.

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