Oh my oh my

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One of my really close friends got in a car accident.
He died on the scene.
The driver was drunk.
Its been like two weeks.
It still hasn't hit me.
I miss him
I haven't realized I won't ever see him again.
I'm afraid of what I'll do when I finally realize that.

In other news I went camping in the desert on monday until yesterday.
One of our cars broke down so we stayed for hours waiting until nightfall.
I freaked out and called my mum to come get me.
She did, and wasn't mad or anything.
I love her so much.
I wish I could come out to her but I know that would be a bad idea.

My best friend/crush might be moving in with me.
Her parents are actually really shitty parents.
Her mum forgets to buy groceries and shit and her step dad is bordering on emotionally abusive.
I know when she was younger her used to hit her.
I hope this all works out and she can live with me.
I love that girl to death.

Thats about it I guess.
I'm tired so I'm going back to sleep.
That and I wanna roll really bad.


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lots of luck with

lots of luck with everything- keep your head up!