One of us, One of us!

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So my stepdad is rather a homophobe. Funny though, cause he now has two people he has provided for as deviants :D. (Myself, and his son are both gay.)

My neighbor/friend has a girlfriend who basically lives with her (both in high school) and my little stepsister (age 13) tends to spend a lot of time next door. Given that she spends a lot of time in that environment, she has come to be very comfortable around gay people. (Trans people, too, I guess, cause of me. She has a picture of me and her on her folder, and when she was asked by a kid at her school, "Who's that guy?" She responded, "Uh, he's a friend of the family..." Which is an ongoing joke between us. :) )

But apparently (by my mom's account), stepdad made a rude comment about a couple of lesbians that had been leaving a restaurant they had been at, and stepsis snapped that there's nothing wrong with gay people. They argued for a minute or two then stepdad shut up about it. I love my little sister!!! I just can't wait for her to yell at him to shove it. That will be the day I buy her a car. -nodnod-