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Well my close friends were the first to find out.. Then I went on and broke the silence with my Mom..
I'm out to my Mom (The most, because the very first time I mentioned it she accepted me.. And she kept it a secret. Thats the one thing i'm most greatfull of. Having a mother who accepts me no matter who I choose to be.. And I know Mothers.. Or parents like that are hard to find), kinda Dad. Sister's to young to understand. Tryed talking to Grandparents, they HATE the topic so they always change it.. So they are still kinda clueless.. Greatgrandma.. Hmm.. She took it as I was telling her something else, since she's old I just let it go. Aunty, I told her oneday, she said she'd always love me no matter what.. But she'd like me to take a serious thought about this. Friends? Most of them that I trust and people that I know like my friends friends who I just make and are gay or bi too.. I tend to be out to people if I get the comterable vibe. If not I just keep it on the down low.


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hey YOU!

congragulations on telling those you've told. and yeah, just telling people you feel comfortable with seems like the only logical way of doing things. keep it up and if u dont already have a gf, soon youwillbeloved.