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I just want to punch somebody.
Well, I mean not actually punch somebody but you get the idea...

Hell - I don't even know why I'm feeling this or what I'm feeling. I'm not sure if it's loneliness, depression, sadness, anger, annoyance, jealousy, rejection or happiness.

Okay, so my ex-boyfriend, JY is... I don't know... He just... I DON'T KNOW! Like he's a "transspeciesist", AKA furry... Ionno I think they just like being called that because they feel transspeciesist is too revealing. But I mean I respect them... but don't understand them. I don't see any clear and defined reasons for interspeciesism that would be inherent as a biological function. Psychologically, if you're living with animals... I would understand that... But these are people in real life, in the modern world in a first world country, never living with animals in the wild. So why do they do it?

Then furries demand civil liberties and respect. Yea, respect they can have, but civil liberties is about true emancipation. Emancipation does not have to do with choices. It has to do with traits that people can't change. They don't deserve equal civil liberties, simple as that.

Then he's had so many partners since him and I. And I've gone nowhere. I haven't even met any other LGBT kids! I feel like everyone else is moving forward and I'm standing still!

Then my best friend SB hangs out with JY so much and pretty much never with me. It makes me feel lonely a lot...

And that's enough for now. I'ma go get some kicks and do a couple wind sprints and starts...


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er... ewI don't really

er... ew

I don't really understand the point about civil liberties, since no civil liberties are currently denied people because of their predilections/ peccadillos. And obviously you wouldn't suggest people should be deprived of existing civil liberties because they have unorthodox (so long as it's consensual) sex lives.

But the only way we can get through the day to day without clawing our own mind out is by operating a system of suspended disbelief about what other people do in their bedrooms. No-one wants to know. No-one needs to know (except the people you want to/ do sleep with).

But lord, you're like all of 15 years old. So it's gross and unfair he gets to have other partners and you haven't met anyone. Try still feeling like that when you're 19...
When you're older you'll meet new people.
So think of this time as a chancd to learn the entire Smiths back catalogue off by heart. And then if it doesn't work out you can always listen to Leonard Cohen and cry. Or you could not be me.