Reader response theory, psychological perspectives and pornography.

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im in the midst of writing my english essay due friday 5.00pm (current date and time, wednesday 5.45pm). its going okay, but im stopping and starting constantly. i've done my research into textual and experiential perspectives and their processes, but im doing psychological now and its scary! i didnt take notes on it during the tutorial (silly me), and now im floundering a bit. i'lll ring someone up for help, but i cant be bothered. so i procrastinate. i watched "john tucker must die", visited my old english teacher again, talked to ppl on msn (shout outs to jeff!) and various other shite. but it still all comes down to me writing this essay. i havent even started that part, which makes it doubley important i get this shit done tonight, even make a start on it. then i also must write about the text/context/reader tansaction, blah blah blah. so hopefully i'll get it done soon. plus i want to talk to my hot bisexual friend B. i only found out monday she was bisexual. she's in a relationship and living with this girl. B is so fucking sexy, i love her. hot bod, blonde hair, great personality. you know when u connect with someone on a deep level, more than you can comprehend? its like that with her, i just love her to bits! her and i texted a bit today over my break up, and she was very insightful, its good to talk about it in a detached way. but then she stopped at one point, so i'd say she has something important on, i do believe she has a hip hop class tonight.
i'm horny as all get out lately, i've been looking up porn constantly lately, i need to get some reeeaaaaaaaaaaal baaaaaaad, and rrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll sooooooooooooooon!!!