reviewing lesbian movis

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Kissing Jessica Stein: 3 out of 5. it had a good plot but it wasn't very exciting

Better Than Chocolate: 3 out of 5. i liked the characters and what happened to them. it had a good ending.

All Over Me: 2 out of 5. boring.

High Art: 2 out of 5. bad ending.

Imagine Me and You: 5 out of 5. best lesbian movie ever. i loved the two actresses in this movie.

Gray Matters: 4 out of 5. it was cute. i liked the plot and the two lead actresses.

Something About Jane: 1 out of 5. corniest movie ever. also prolly had the lowest budget for any kind of movie.

Love and Suicide: 1 out of 5. pretty much for the same reasons as Something about Jane.

that's all for now. i do have a couple more movies i'm getting from netflix soon so i'll be sure and review those too. for all of those who care.


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i've seen Kissing Jessica Stein, High Art, and Better Than Chocolate.
I would have to say that Better than Chocolate was the most entertaining of the three. Jessica Stein had really weak chemistry between the 2 main actresses, and High Art moved very slow and was really depressing.
here are some othe lesbian movies i have seen which i would recommend to you: Chutney Popcorn [or it might be called Popcorn Chutney, i can't remember], But I'm a Cheerleader, The Sex Monster, Lost and Delirious, Fire, and My Mother Likes Women [spanish movie].

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Yay! I was just going to research a good movie to watch over the weekend. Your list will be very helpful. : )

I actually really liked Kissing Jessica Stein. I didn't really have a problem with the actors, and I thought it was done in a realistic way - like people are sometimes scared to make gay/lesbian relationships anything less than perfect for fear of seeming non-supportive or something, but I thought it seemed real-lifeish. I'd recommend it.

I thought Better Than Chocolate was really good, too. Definitely a classic and worth watching.

And I just last week watched But I'm a Cheerleader, and I guess it just wasn't my thing. I almost stopped watching halfway through... the only thing that kept me watching was how blatantly stereotypical and predictable the characters were - it was almost satirical and so kind of interesting...

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Aside from mentioning that good lesbian movies have less importance once you start having a lesbian life of your own (have to get that in there, since watching lesbian movies doesn't speed the coming out process, just more delay... come out!), I recall the incredible adventure of 2 girls in love being sort of billed as the lesbian version of beautiful thing (at the time anyway, not sure if it holds up. Beautiful Thing does).


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thanx for the list and the

thanx for the list and the advice.

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