Self-Doubt: is it really just teen angst?

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Ugh I just get stuck in these stupid ruts. It's these ruts where I continually doubt my acceptance with anybody and I try to be noncommunicable so I can't mess anything up. And when I go into an isolated state and when someone shoots me down with criticisms I just get all depressed. This wasn't happening for a while, then BAM! out of no where is starts up again...

I don't understand why I do it. I mean, I'm a nice enough guy right? I mean you can't necessarily tell from Oasis, I mean digital lives don't reveal real lives very accurately, do they?

I know I can act like a jackass and I can be negative sometime... But I do act with poise, respect, kindness, support and dignity most of the time right? I mean don't get me wrong, I'll have myself a good laugh too... But... I don't know, I just constantly doubt myself.

oh well, I had a good day at least. I had an amazing start at my 100 m dash. But... that was short lived, I apparently don't have a max speed. Even though I didn't have spikes, so I mean there is plenty of room for improvement...

You know, this exposing my emotions and feelings to a degree does kind of work. Maybe bottling it up and letting it throughout tears isn't the greatest thing y'know?

Oh well, I'll just sort it all out in Brazil! ^.^