Shameless Self-Promotion, er sort of...

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Ok so you may know that I am interning with an organization of Jeff's suggesting. The organization is LifeWorks Mentoring, but they're so much more than a mentoring program. The point of this post is to invite any of you Oasians who live in the Los Angeles area to participate in the Wednesday night Green Room program that LifeWorks puts on. It's a great way to meet other lgbt youth and also ,if you're interested, a great way to learn about the mentoring program that they have. The gist of it is that you would be paired with an lgbt adult (usually a professional of some sort) and they help you determine goals and set a life plan and help you get a job, get into college, and achieve any of the goals you set. The green room programs on Wednesday night include things like movie watching, internet surfing, board game playing, music listening, snack eating and other hang outyness stuff with other lgbt youth and two of the LifeWorks staff (and if you're lucky, I'll be there too, but I have class until 5 on Wednesdays so I won't be a regular.) In short, if you're interested, leave a comment or pm me. :)


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wow, that sounds really

wow, that sounds really awesome! If I didn't live on the east coast, I'd totally go. ^-^

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It does sound awesome... to

It does sound awesome... to bad i live in canada on the opposite coast.
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LOSER! Hehe.. I wish.

I wish we had something like that over here! :(
Maybe if I move to LA or visit I promise I will try to make it to atleast one meeting..
Hope you are doing okay..
Havent talked in a while.

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so, this is embarrassing,

so, this is embarrassing, but you imply that we've spoken before and I honestly do not remember, please refresh my memory. *awkwardface*

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Too bad I'm in the wrong

Too bad I'm in the wrong hemisphere... And I have residency on the wrong coast...

and we have something like that called OutRightVT...
They do so much considering the size of Vermont...

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I'd be down, but I live a

I'd be down, but I live a little over an hour away from LA =/

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awww, we have kids from all

awww, we have kids from all over the metro area, like Pasadena, Long Beach, etc. But I understand distance is an issue, especially if you're not a driver because as I've found out, LA public transit SUCKS!

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Nah I drive and have a car,

Nah I drive and have a car, but the gas is expensive, and the traffic sucks. =/

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That is for certain, hehe!

That is for certain, hehe!

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I feel that gas prices are

I feel that gas prices are an incentive to erm... Conserve? Become energy independent?

As much as I like the Venezuelans, the Brazilians, the Africans, the Arabs and the many other countries we get out from, I don't like their oil.

Just had to point out the plus side...