She drives me

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It's seriously not a joke anymore. I love her to death, but she can drive me up a wall. I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting. But somethings just BOTHER me to no end, no matter how hard I try to let them go. Like her hanging out with the girl she dumped me for. I understand they're friends, but really, I just feel like her replacement sometimes. I know where my faults lie, and I know where I've been, and I've LEARNED from it. I know better. But no matter how many times I tell her how I feel, it doesn't matter. When you have to preface telling me you hung out with her by saying "don't be mad but...", something is wrong.

Or maybe, I'm wrong.


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I'm not sure..
I have never been in this kinda of sitcuation.
I only been in the kind where you love her so much and she keeps telling you its never going to work out.
Idk. It just seems like I would need to know more about this.
Are you dating her? Or is she just a friend..
Just let me know and i'd be glad to help..
Hope all goes well..

love her purely or don't love her at all

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We're dating. But she

We're dating. But she doesn't really act like it all the time. And like, it's kind of like the tables have turned, because that's how I used to act a year ago. (we've been off and on for like 2 years)

She just...frustrates me.