So I had jux told him . . . .

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Right now i am pretty young, still a high school student. Just this school year I had told some of my friends that I was gay. The first was a friend who I considered a sister. We were pretty close since we lived next to each other for three years and knew almost everything about each other. We were chatting on the internet (this was after she had moved away, we still see each other at school and hang out) and i had decided to tell her. I was in denial for a couple years telling myself that I was straight. She said cool and told me that she was gay too. It wasn't such a big deal since we both kinda of expected it. Then I told another girl in my school. She was a very open person and three other people had come out to her. We were in the mall and while walking I just kind of blurted it out, she said cool and we finished the discussion (man, it was a load off of me). The first major guy person I told was someone i had just met. He was very supportive though a little surprised. Now me and him joke around a lot ( and he is CUTE!!).
Then just today, the reason why I started writing, I had told the first boy I liked him. I didn't know if he was straight or gay and decided to move on (I was crushing for a while) was to just tell him. After I told him I was gay I told him I liked him. He was a guy i had known for two years now from tennis. He is Asian with a lean build and doesn't do well in science. He's pretty smart in things like computers and like airsoft/paintball guns though. He was taken back and said it was cool that i was gay but it's gonna be weird in school now. THen he threatened me. He said he liked a girl and then something about going to break my head open if i do something and then beat me if i tell someone. I didn't understand it at all. He was never like that. Which is really weird. I am wondering whether he was just doing it to push me away, but i still feel so bad. Right now I hate him, i just need someone to support me, but the guy I told is kind of bad at it. I need help.


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Welcome to the site, less than an hour from account sign-up to posting journals, good stuff. :-)

Sounds like you've been doing good coming out so far, good circle of supportive people, well... until today.

First of all, congrats on having the massive balls to just tell someone flat out that you like them. Beyond that... That's a lot of strange reaction from him all at once. It's cool... it's weird... threats... I have a girlfriend... more threats.

I don't know much, and ask other people on the site I don't go optimistic often, and I certainly don't want to get your hopes up, but this sounds like too much variety for me. I think he might be a closet case who got taken way off-guard.

I mean, if he's straight and you're the gay, somewhat closeted one... what are you going to tell other people? That you asked him out? That wouldn't make sense. How would that react badly on him?

Plus, if he's straight, whether he has a girlfriend or not wouldn't matter. Single heterosexual people are still not open to gay relationships last I checked (and I check often).

And, the threats if you "do something"? Do what? Hit on him? Grab for his shorts? I mean, you're the one with the secret more or less. Even if he were freaked out, it seems he should have a more consistent story, no? "Dude, I'm not gay, don't try anything" is enough to say I'm straight and a bit weirded out.

Not sure what your next move is, when will you run into him next?


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I see him every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in English. The good thing though is that we're separated by a lot of people in the class (we have about 40 students in the class). Then I sometimes see him during tennis. I'm thinking I should wait a few more weeks before i talk to him because it's really akward between us.