So, so angry. And Duffy.

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today was so shitty. first off, i was fucking late for my tutorial at 11. which means i SHOULD have had ample time to be on time, but i wasn't. being late meant getting a really bad spot in the car park, far, far away from the building. so then i arrive 10 minutes late, and my mate in the class, erin, is shitty too. which meant her company wasn't very enjoyable. i have alot of work to catch up on, because i've been quite lax in my approach to uni work. i've had a splitting headache all day, an arrogant bitch i know won a trip to new york, which will make her worse, and i've been angry at the ex boyfriend all day.

i drove for a combined 2 hours today, to and from uni + other little trips, which gave me a lot of time to mull the situation over in my mind. and i've been angry at him all day. its been two weeks, i want to move on, get over him. but i've been ignoring it all for the most part, except for venting on here a bit. and today, i just feel so angry and hurt and i hate him! he is such a shit for doing this to me. he dumped me, and now i feel like crap. i want to be strong, but i just cant, i'm so exhausted. im emotionally drained because of him. i dont enjoy life like i used to and now im hating him coz i blame him for making me feel this way, HE did this to me! and i hate him for ignoring me, not giving a shit about me, and having the gall to get over me quicker than i'm getting over him. fuck! FUCK!!!

but i did buy duffy's rockferry. and i love it. she really is like dusty, and i love dusty. so im going to try and calm down, listen to duffy, do some uni work and then have a rest. fuck knows i'd rather be asleep right now, i dont want to be awake experiencing all this shit.