Sometimes it's the athiests that annoy me

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If you know me you know that religion has never played a large role in my life. It's never been part of whatever I've been trying to do with my life and I've never seen the need for it. Over the course of my life, I've met people who feel the same. We don't feel we need religion and haven't tried to. Some of them have tried out different religions and realized that none of them work out. It happens. I've always been a strong believer in having a happy and successful life without the aid of religion. I believe you can pull yourself out of whatever hole you've fallen into and reform yourself without the help of religion. I do see that as being possible.

I don't affiliate with any kind of religion--even atheism--because I just see it as unimportant in my life. But that's the great part; I can refer to my OWN life, and no one else's. Lately, the religious people haven't been the ones who are annoying me. It's been the non-religious ones. It's been the relentless condescending and degrading attitude so many athiests seem to carry with themselves against the religious. I've heard so many people talk about these people as if they're bumbling fools or mindless followers or shallow conformists. They treat religion as a whole as one big joke and treat those who follow it in the same way. Basically, there's zero respect.

Yes, I've come across plenty of religious people who will stop at nothing to shove their beliefs down my throat, and it sucks. It's irritating that they can't just accept my feelings and leave it at that. But what I don't think the non-religious realize that they are doing the EXACT same thing to the others. As soon as someone mentions that they're Christian or Jewish or Muslim, etc they get immediately turned off and go into "Preach-about-your-stupifity" mode and tell them how dumb they are for believing. I've noticed this most with Christianity vs. atheism. Maybe it's just the latter group finally able to speak their minds but I don't think it's that; I think it's just who can be the loudest and most disrespectful.

My mother is Baptist (and not the creepy Westboro kind) and she has been her whole life. She tried to bring me into it but finally, reluctantly, accepted that I just do not wish to be religious. I know that wasn't her master plan but she's gone with it and respects my decision, and I do the same for her. I don't particularly like a lot of aspects of religion but that doesn't give me the right to shit on anyone who does.

Can't people learn to just RESPECT each other's choices? It's really not that hard.


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o man i know exactly what

o man i know exactly what you mean -- the extreme religious people might be self-righteous but at least their not condescending about there beliefs like some people who are atheists. Neither extreme is good

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Depends on the context. I never find people airing this in normal conversation.

I do have to say, I love nothing more than to watch Christopher Hitchens talk about religion on talk shows. It does bring me joy.

I think the new atheism is a reaction to religion infesting so many aspects of life. The government and its faith-based initiatives. How we'll only give AIDS money to Africa (where the lead cause of infection is rape) if they are taught abstinence, as though that's related. How Darwin and (un)Intelligent Design are being taught together in some schools to end the debate, of which only one side of the debate uses actual information. How if I became a priest and molest boys, the church would pay people off out of their mountain of tax-free money. And on and on...

Sure, on a personal level, people can be civil. But on a national and global level, religious people are constantly using their religious belief as the basis for policy, programs, and everything else. So, if there is a wave of loudmouth atheists, it usually just means you found yet another atheist who is sick of people using "I'm a Christian" as a way to start a sentence that is going to proffer a line of something that would seem stupid without that disclaimer. And more often, the new thinking is becoming, why isn't it still stupid after they say that?

And ironically, it is strange how politics and laws and such are always veering toward religious doctrine, yet if people were religious would that truly be necessary? If you're comfortable violating something that you believe to be the true word of God... would making it a US law really raise the stakes?


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