"Tell me not to worry"

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This weekend will be great. So far it's started out good. Tonight I went over to my friend's house with 5 of my other friends and we all 'worked' on our take home test in our english class. In 3 hours we managed to finish half of it (only 15 problems) but in like an hour we got bored and decided to play a board game. It was really fun, and I'm actually surprised I had as much fun as I did. I was semi-hyper considering I had lots of caffeine before I went over there, hehehe. Tomorrow I have a soccer game and hopefully we win so we can go to semi-finals for the state cup! There's a really cute girl on my soccer team and she's playing a year up with us but next year I don't think she'll be on my team and she doesn't go to my school :[ but she's a really cool kid and tomorrow should be fun.
On sunday I might be going to this art museum for an etra redit assignment in world history and my bestie might be coming with us to spend the day in Seattle with me and the fambam and I can't wait!! But I'm not sure she can come if she has to work :/.

Today I just found out my crush is going to be leaving for a week and I was like =O ! And I'm not sure if I see this as a bad thing or a good thing, but since I'm not in my right mind I say it's BAD! But I'll get over it, ha. It's really cool cause lately we've become friends and I talk to her more and I'm not nervous anymore. Yay! (Yay she sits next to me in english 8D)
Also today the high school counselours came to my junior high to talk to us about next year (sophmore) and there's TONS of classes to choose from and it's all quite exciting. I can't wait to get into high school next year since there will be waaaaaay more people. Sometimes I get bored of the same old people in junior high and high school should be a better experience, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I've heard stories on both sides saying it sucks or it's way better, so....ha....I know to not assume anything just yet. But still, I'm excited!


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High school will definitly

High school will definitly be a different story good OR bad.
Hopes your is good. ;)