thank god for talking

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I lasted from 6am to 9pm. I slipped here and there in between, said "sorry" and "yes, no" a couple times, but I did it. It feels good to talk again.

Not talking makes me feel like I'm going to implode. Having something to say and either resorting to a notebook or forgetting about it all together is sort of frustrating. Maybe not frustrating but, I don't know, it's like I have to rush and just get it out.

I was not alone at my school, though. And I guess the school across town announced it. I went to GSA for a few weeks to get prepared and other students informed about DOS. Unfortunately, our GSA has not more than ten kids. But even people outside of GSA did it.

I was commended by other teachers and students for doing it. And I got the best tattoo painted on my arm by our Enivronmental Club [they were doing fundraiser stuff at lunch]. A heart with rainbow stripes.

Speaking of Enviro Club, the president and co-president are two of the hottest girls on campus. One has darling short short hair, with flawless sense of style. The other is in my art class, looks kind of like Alexis Bledel. I think she's absolutely adorable, always have. C and I like to look at them both.

Really, C and I have been a couple of horndogs lately. We often talk about the girls we would bang, and how we wish we could have them at that moment. It's kind of silly. Hormone enraged teenagers. We went to a softball game [in which my new interest was playing my school] and one girl we think is very very hot was on our school's team. Our eyes would go large when she would run, or move, or stand there, or be so that we check her out and she threw the ball around with other girls. I think the guy next to us was looking too.

She's coming over soon so we can watch the L Word and watch Dana and Alice have mad sex.


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dana and Alice

hmmmmmmmmmm hello is all i have to say :)

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Go Alice and Dana!:D They

Go Alice and Dana!:D They are my FAV couple! They r puurrrfecctt together,arent they? Second season,i think? Their like,rabbits in that season :P They are definetly the only one's who provide us with the BEST SEX in the entire season! remember their sneaking out in random public washroom's? I love them,i love them,i love them! Ahh,their sex is mind boggling! what with the strap-on and stuff :P
Have u watched the 3rd season? I really wudnt want to discuss the tragedy and shock if u havnt watched it...i wud let u find out urself :)
Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.

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Yeah I've heard about the

Yeah I've heard about the tragedy of 3rd season =[[ and I haven't seen it yet. But 2nd... mmmm.