the lucky twist

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My negative entry about the poor set my band played at the crappy party and the rather adorable girl who was with a guy has taken a twist.

She's not with that guy. And I found her on myspace [single, no orientation listed], added her, and she initiated some messages. She said that she had a girlfriend and since then, guys haven't been the same [this was in relation to me not knowing many gay people in this town] and so boom.

Very thrilled so far. It's just a start, but a darn good one, no?

I'm reading Rebecca for English. I don't know if anyone has read it, but so far it is amazing. And Daphne du Maurier [the author] was a lesbian. There's a movie about her on Logo [Daphne].

It's great that the second best selling novel's author had "venetian tendencies," as she called them.


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"venetian tendencies." I

"venetian tendencies." I like that.
Can't wait for updates on this girl!

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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see, there was some optimism

see, there was some optimism there after all :-D

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Oh I love Rebecca. Film and

Oh I love Rebecca. Film and book, although the book is darker even than the film which Hitchcock had to sanitize.

I don't believe people can still read it as a nice, conventional romance. I've had conversations with old ladies who read it that way... now I always end up talking to old ladies on ferries about books, and you talk to adorable girls on myspace. Good luck with adorable girl.

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Yeah I'm so in to that book.

Yeah I'm so in to that book. Getting closer to the end. Creepy old Danvers.

Ah, thanks, but things are pointing down with adorable girl.

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oh dear, what's happened

oh dear, what's happened with adorable girl?

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oh god..i was so happy for

oh god..i was so happy for u! what happened?!

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.