things are feeling stagnant

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exactly what the title says... im in a rut. my social life consists of every saturday night, going to the same bowls club, seeing the same people from theatre singing the same songs i heard them sing at last week's karaoke.

uni is the same... go for a few hours, come home, do nothing. study like crazy, then nothing. i wish i lived closer to the city, im stuck out here in a hole.

i come on here and type all my bullshit out. i love it, but i wish i had other more interesting things to say... so sorry to whoever reads this lol

i know absolutely that I need to take hold of the situation, be proactive and shakes things up, but atm i'm stuck for ideas on how. im 17, so i cant go out clubbing and pubbing... all my new friends at uni live in the city, i dont... i only speak to a handful of people from school, and they're all busy.... it's a funny little life i lead. i feel like a smurf.
Lethargic Smurf would be my name.

i need a new boyfriend. just a rebound guy. i understand that concept now, someone to kiss and cuddle with, help heal some wounds, then move on once your strong enough. but then he may need a rebound guy... whatever. knowing my luck my rebound guy would probably dump me :P

i should go to bed, it's 11.26 of the PM. i have work at 9am. but, i DID sleep from 1 til 4 this arvo. meh i'll be right whatever i decide to do.