Uh, so, Jennifer Beals is hot!

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And by that I mean Jennifer Beals is the hottest person on the planet! Generally, I'm not starstruck at all. I don't own a television, I rarely go to movies, I just don't care about pop-culture all that much. HOWEVER, tonight I went to the GLAAD Media Awards with the organization that I'm interning with (see previous journal entry) and who should be there presenting an award, none other than the hot Jennifer Beals. Now I already thought she was hot, but seeing her in person was like witnessing the second coming, THAT HOW HOT SHE IS PEOPLE!!! Unfortunately I could not take a photo of her because they made us check our cameras at coat check. BUT, at the after-party I got photos of T.R. Knight of Grey's Anatomy fame, Maeve Quinlan and Gabrielle Christian from South of Nowhere and two people from Degrassi that I have no idea who they are but apparently they both have gay roles on Degrassi. So yeah, all in all, a good night and an inspiring one too. During the executive director of GLAAD's (Neil Giuliano) speech I definitely had a little creeping notion to forgo Law School and just work for the LGBTQ cause in all its glory. We'll see.


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Are they males or females-

Are they males or females- the people from degrassi or one of each???? Post pictures... if it's Alex me n Ruby are going to be soo very jealous.. She's HOTT!
Although i'm already jealous of you T.R Knight, Jennifer Beals and Gabrielle Christian!!!!!! Ahh so jealous
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Jennifer Beals is a babe.

Jennifer Beals is a babe. Like the rest of the L Word cast. Daang.
Lucky, meeting Gabrielle Christian. I would've shit my pants. And drooled.