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sometimes i lay in a bath tub completly under water until i cant take it anymore
i wish i was a fish
that way i could stay under the water forever
the feeling of water all around me with nothing but it and the light reflecting around me is the closest thing to peace i have
it makes me feel like life will never let me down again
it is like every pain i have ever had has disapear


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if we were fishes, do you

if we were fishes, do you think we'd find the air above more peaceful?

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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I love being under water-

I love being under water- especially in the sea- and looking up at the surface and the light. But in the bath I can hear too much noise through the pipes and although I don't mind the microbes, fish piss, flotsam, dead sailors and muck in the sea, but I hate the idea of lying in a bath of my own skin dirt.

And although we could do nothing but condone your commitment to hygeine, I hope you don't need to lie in the bath too often in order not to feel sad.

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Yea. Its like a far away

Its like a far away place to disappear too..
I wish I had something like that.. >-<
Overall.. How are you?

love her purely or don't love her at all