Went to a psych clinic today

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After only having an hour and a half of sleep.
I got angry a lot.
I'm now prescribed Zoloft.
Idk if I"m going to take it though.
I would have wasted my whole day pretty much but I don't care.

So I was going over my most recent entry and something about it bothered me.
I re read my past few and wonder why am I posting this shit?
Complaining about my problems or the dumb shit I did to people I don't know for what reason?
I won't even talk to my friends about anything I've written so what am I doing.
Fueling my own narcissism.

I don't know.
I probably just need to go to sleep.

I got my TWLOHA shirt in the mail today.
That made me happy.
& I bleached some of my hair last night.
I guess it looks pretty chill.


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well, yes you probably do need some sleep, but as for the.. saying all this stuff to ppl you don't know, its normal, and it is good for you to rant out :D You probably don't realize but it helps. You probably don't tell your friends, cuz you don't want to add more pressure on them, or you don't want to know there reaction?! I dunno how your friend status is or what not. anyways, take care!

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Hm, not much to say other

Hm, not much to say other than TWLOHA is awesome. I want a shirt...

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