What's the worst way you've been discriminated against?

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What's the worst thing any straight person has done or said to discriminate agianst you for your sexuality?
Mine wasn't all that bad.I've had other worse things happen but since this was the only direct confrentation I picked this one.
I was over at a friend's house to spend the night and we were in her livingroom.My friend was complaining about her step mother because well her step mother's a bitch.Then she and I started wrestling.Her step mother comes in and gets so angry.She makes us sit on the couch and she lectures us.This is what she said to me,"You should be ashamed.Our daughter is already questioning her sexuality and you want to make it worse!You may be a sinner but no daughter of mine will be!God hates homosexuals!It is not the way!You cannot have children.You're as bad as a common criminal.You must repent and walk a straight line!I will pray for you but you must stay away from my house."She made me leave after that.Fortunatly a month later my friend moved in with her real mom.