Why does it seem like bi's are always ignored or dismissed?

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So in class today we started talking about whether or not being gay was a choice or natural. Which is a real touchy subject at my school because our gay community is basically very ignored. My school is basically made up of christian jocks who are biggots. Though some people have tried to change that.

So as we were talking someone asked a "what if" question where a woman was married to a man but then later in life had a relationship with a woman and I said "what about those who are bi?" Basically the general consensus was that bi's are just people who are really gay or straight but have fun having sex with the people that they wouldn't date. That really made me mad. I'm bi and I'm not like this for sex. I am genuinely attracted to both genders romantically, but even when I tried to say something about how not everyone that is bi is hypersexualized I just got odd look and people where like "No..."

So not only do people at my school seem think bi people are hypersexual, they also seem to think they don't count as part of the society that might want to engage in civil unions with a same sex partner (Civil unions were the whole reason that the first question at the top was asked).

If I offend anybody or seem ignorant for what ever reason then I'm sorry and I'd be more than receptive to hear why because I like discussions and I like it when people tell me if I'm wrong and why. I just really needed to get that off my chest in an arena that would be more receptive than my family or friends.


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Based on how you described your classmates, I guess I'm surprised, too. I'm surprised at why you're surprised.

Why are you expecting a lot out of sheltered Christian bigots in school?


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I think the reason it

I think the reason it bothered me so much is because the people in my class that I knew were openly gay (one person) or very liberal were nodding their head in agreement with what the others were saying.

I may be crazy but atleast I have a lot of fun being so.