Women Gardening

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In T.V shows they always show women gardening in skirts (when women are gardening). I don't know many (any) females that wear skirts while gardening. Especially nice/fancy ones like they show on t.v.
Do any of you wear skirts while gardening? (minus the males)
I'm watching Criminal Minds and they shoed a lady gardening in a nice white skirt.


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1) hey, men can wear

1) hey, men can wear skirts!
2) yes I do. although not fancy ones.
3) ...come to think of it, I dont think any of my clothes would be considered fancy.

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I didn't mean it like that i

I didn't mean it like that i could just see someone saying something about how they don't wear skirts cuz there men. Although I'm a girl and i don't wear skirts. But still. I didn't mean to imply men can't wear skirts or that men don't wear skirts.
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It's easier to add the fertilizer that way.


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Maybe it's 'cause for me

Maybe it's 'cause for me gardening involves planting/weeding/hoeing two acres of land, but the idea of gardening in a skirt makes me laugh out loud.

Then again, I don't wear skirts unless absolutely necessary...