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Would it be a good idea to come out to my sister first?
I'm, in many ways, close to her than the rest of my family.
We're both kind of different.
My parents like us to be unexposed to the rest of the world,
not knowing about things like drugs and rape
Whereas she takes it from a serious, appropriate viewpoint.
In a way, I guess she'd be more comfortable than my parents...


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Only you can know for sure. Go with your gut. How supportive is she of gays in general? Try to feel that out first, if you don't know, and then work from there.
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I agree

Use your gut, but whatever you do, feel out the situation in whatever casual way you can first. Only YOU can decide if it's safe or not.

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Ditto and ditto

Your call to make, but if she's supportive of gays (or just of you), it might be a good move. You've gotta come out to her anyway... and if you're close enough to her, she could help you in coming out to your parents. And also, it's always good to be out to someone, freeing and all that stuff. But ultimately, your call. If you think she wouldn't take it well, stop and rethink. I'd suggest testing the waters a little...

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For you to decide. If you two are close, she could be a good support for you right now.


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