Work,whatever & wankers

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A study break from working on the computer,while still sitting at the computer is probably a poor idea.But that is what I am going to do anyway.Take a break from programming to write a journal.I really need a break.I am absolutly swamped in college work,and will be up until the end of May when I finish for the Summer.

I've been spending so much time on college work lately that it was actually a relief to wake up this morning and realize that I had to go to work today instead.That relief didn't really last long when I got to work though.We are in the middle of a mid-season sale so it was chaos.It wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't had such an arsehole wanker fuckface jerk of a customer in the afternoon though.I honestly don't know why people think they have the right to verbally abuse a shop-assistant because the till she is using decides to power off during a transaction.I felt the urge to tell him to go fuck himself and the ugly shoes he was buying.But I didn't,I remained calm,while trying to fix it, thinking about telling him to go fuck himself.

Work was also a little uncomfortable during my break also.There was four of us sitting in the canteen.Two of the boys that work there,and my only work colleague to know that I am gay.Well the guys were reading some magazine and came across some article on gay sex,and started really really ripping into homosexuality in general.I think I actually started blushing because I was so uncomfortable.Not really because of what they were saying.More because the other girl knows I am gay combined with what they were saying made me uncomfortable.I am not sure if that makes sense.I just wasn't sure how to react to the situation and I felt totally uncomfortable.Then I was kind of worried that they noticed how red and uncomfortable I was in the situation,but I don't think they did.
It was just really unpleasant,but boo hoo I guess it could have been worse.
Ok I guess I better get back to programming,though now I am contemplating sleeping.


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I like your use of language:

"arsehole wanker fuckface jerk" - lol. best line