Would you dive in?

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Would u dive in? Are u ready to sink in my world?
It’s unsafe, and nothing is sure here.
I aint complicated, but I suppose that’s how things look like.
You look fine, really fine. Would you mind taking a peep in my life?
You might even like it here.
When you read my story, u’ll laugh and mostly cry,
To the things I still ask, “Why?”
I know my smile pleases you, it seems inviting.
I know you notice the way my eyes glimmer when they look at you.
I know you want me, so take me away.
I’ve seen enough but I keep wanting more of things like you.
If you can bear the webbed thoughts flowing from me,
If you can let the crackled laughter ring in your ears,
If you can tolerate the high pitched vocals…
Then im all yours.
If you can understand my overwhelming past,
If you can emphasize with the path I came from,
Then you can take a step in my life,
To mend, change or destroy, that’s your choice.