you say you fukkn care.

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you say she's your best friend and that the fact isnt going to say that you're always going to be there for her. but, if thats so, then why do you neglect her when she needs you the most. is A really that much more important? i respected you for not hurting her. thats disapered. you've hurt her, i can believe for one second i thought you hadn't. you were jelous when she called me when she was sad, and the one time she called you and not me, you blew it, with the "i gotta letcha go i'll talk to you later" move, then you get off the phone for your perfectly emotionally stable gf. when she says "okay, thats fine" do you really think she means it? no, duh. she slams her phone closed and throws it at somthing and if you havnt realized the phone is you in the scenario. if you dont care, stop saying you do, cuz she knows when your lieing. im always there for her, always there to listen when she's sad. im always there to make her laugh when she's frusterated or crying. i listen to her problems and give positive feedback. i hate to break it to you but, i know see myself as better than you, i dont hate you but, if your going to be her bestfriend, act like it for once.

-girl in love