A message to the rude bitch at theatre: I spat in your wine.

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not really, but i fucking felt like it! i was volunteering tonight doing front of house at the theatre. Volunteer - translation: have a bit of consideration, we don't work in hospitality for a living. So anyway, this rude, fat bitch walked up to the counter. We didnt have the red wine she wanted, so we had to fart around until she decided on a cask wine, ie one of those cheap wines in a box. Well, i had to pour, but i've never poured one before. i asked her, and she told me. THEN she goes, "is this your first night on the job?" "Actually i'm underage, im 17." WELL!!! This started a whole barrage at me about how i shouldnt be behind the bar, how im lucky she's not the police, how the theatre could lose it's licence, etc. and all was said in that conversational tone old people everywhere use when they criticise you. it was only after she walked off did it register what she'd said to me. i told my superior, a sweet old lady, and she goes, "the cheap bitch came on a $5 ticket night and drank wine out of a box. she doesnt have ANYTHING over you." that made me laugh! and when i told my sister, a hospitality industry veteran, she said, "If i'd been next to her, i would have said, 'ACTUALLY, the age at which someone can serve alcohol is 17, as long as they arrive 15 mins before their shift and 15 mins after'." that would have been sweeeet lol it just hit me because i've never had attitude before whilst doing FOH, even when an old man fell over the other night when i forgot to tell him to watch his step. i can't beleive she was such a bitch.


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I think you should have spit

I think you should have spit in it... because well she deserved it.
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ringing bells?

Karma is a funny thing, so im glad you didnt do it. To those people even though its really hard, you just have to say "hay well forget them, there just bitter" and you no what? She was just probably having an awful day and you didnt have her stupid wine so she needed someone to take it out on, people like that just suck, unfortunitly the world is full of them.
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