A very interesting concert

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Ok so yeah it's been awhile since I've posted here on oasis and it's mainly just because things have been going very weird for me. It's kind of like once I thought I had everything figured out it turned on me. Long story short, James and I started doing sexual things, it didn't really do anything for me, I started to question whether or not I'm actually gay, came to the realization that I'm just bi and james wasn't the right person for me, so we broke up. Ok so on to the good stuff...

Alright so yesterday I went to an MCR concert with James (We're still good friends) my brother and his friend murphy. We go to the concert hall like 2 and a half hours early to make sure we could get into the pit. While we were waiting we started conversing with the people around us and I met this girl named jasmine and her friend paige. Well we got to talking and it turned out we had a TON in common and we really hit it off. So the concert started we go in and got into the pit (it was fucking packed) and we sat through the first two acts in anticipation for MCR (one of the bands was Billy Talent which was also incredible) so in between bands, due to mass jumping around and the fact that there were like 500 people packed into a small pit we started getting really dehydrated so I went and got us some water, well jasmine started getting really into me, hugging me, head on my should, etc. It was pretty cool and I could definately see myself ending up at least good friends with her if not something more.

But here's where it gets interesting...
So there we were MCR starting up the crowd going fucking wild. They played through some new some old and all around it was an amazing concert until the last song. They started up "Famous last words" and I started feeling REALLY dehydrated, like to the point where I was going to pass out. So I sit down and try to get a breather. Jasmine looks at me and asks if I'm alright and just as I'm about to respond I puked all over the ground. NOT a good way to make an impression.

So there I am rushing to the bathroom all embarressed when I feel a hand on my back, it's jasmine helping me to the bathroom (I didn't need help but the gesture was appreciated) and after I cleaned myself up she was waiting outside for me. She told me everything was cool and not to be embarressed or anything because she was literally close to doing the same thing (3 hours in a crowded pit, people were passing out all over).
So we went out to eat with my friends and her friend and at the end of the night she gave me her phone number and told me to give her a call, which I plan on doing, I just feel akward because no matter what I doubt I'll live down the fact that I almost puked on her the first time we met, isn't that kind of reminiscent of south park?


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Sex with James made you bi? So, your reaction to one label possibly not being right is to jump to another (albeit a more inclusive one)?

I'm old. Whenever there's a pit for shows I go to, I buy front row balcony tickets and show up 5 minutes before the lights go out. :-)


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