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For the past three nights I've had dreams all including a very cute straight girl. In two of them, she ignores me pretty much. Says things to me as an acquaintance would, casual, nonchalant. She asked me to get the pastel.

In real life, we're in the same art class. Bears resemblance to Alexis Bledel, president of the Environmental Club, plays basketball, a junior. Bluest eyes, it's hard to look straight at them. She's really very attractive. And seemingly, very straight. I've probably mentioned her before.

In real life, we barely talk. She probably doesn't even know my last name, and doesn't know anything else about my life besides that I can draw, I'm a lesbian, and I have trig [one time I overheard her say "I wish there was someone with trig in here" and I turned around and said "what do you need help with?" She let me borrow her homework and I let her borrow mine. She has sloppy writing. Mine is chicken scratch].

My first dream went splendidly. We kissed, and we dated. She worked as a security guard with another girl I know [who I think likes me ten times better because I'm gay] and for some reason they were stationed in my driveway. It's all hazy now, but I certainly remember kissing her. I was thrilled, and I guess days had gone by, and I was sitting with the other security guard [it wasn't cutestraightgirl's shift] wondering if I should text or call or anything.

Eventually we bumped into eachother and she agreed to be my girlfriend. The rest of the dream wasn't as exciting.

And then two more dreams after that, where I was willing to row across a lake to get pastel for her and the rest of the art class, and one where she wouldn't even say hi to me when she passed me, we were in eyeshot at all times, and she was wearing a bathing suit. Towards morning I kept waking up, going back to sleep, and I always wanted to fall back asleep so I could go talk to her.

Perhaps this is a crush.

I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants yesterday with my mom. Sure a chick flick, but so hot when Alexis Bledel takes her shirt and pants off and jumps into ocean water. That's probably where the whole bathing suit thing came from in my dream.

And also:
My friends played [and got slaughtered at] wiffle ball. Our team name was Thor's Hammer. We tucked our shirts in, wore headbands and sunglasses, and one of my friends looked like one of the Dykes on Bikes. We at least looked like dykes.

and for a better idea of my haircut:


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alexis bledel is hoooot

alexis bledel is hoooot stuff.

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could you be any

could you be any cuter?

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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Aw, you're sweet. Thank you

Aw, you're sweet.
Thank you =]]