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I'm not really sure what just happened. My parents seemed to take it okay, but I'm still not sure if they believe me. My mom says I don't have to feel like I need to decide. And I'm not sure they realize that I just...KNOW. My dad didn't say anything. I don't really know what they think. It's so confusing!


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Good for you for coming out.

Good for you for coming out.

If their response bothered you, give them a while, then talk to them. Just ask something like, "so, are you okay with me being bi?"

And, a lot of parents do the "don't label yourself yet" bit. She'll get used to it.

Again, congratulations.

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Hey congrats on coming out

Hey congrats on coming out to the parents.You have done your part and told them,whether they fully believe you or whatever their reaction is you can't control it.So just continue being yourself and let them deal with it in their time.

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Congrats on coming out,

Congrats on coming out, sometimes it takes people a little while to get used too it. But coming out is definitely a beginning. :) Give them a little time, more likely than not they'll get used to the idea soon enough.