AP and all its glory

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AP English test is tomorrow and I do not feel confident at all in my ability to pass that test. While my writing skills have risen to new levels this school year I cannot help but worry they aren't at the level required for a three on that test!
Can't breathe, asthma has been a bother because of allergies and stress. I swear AP gets sick and twisted thrills off of stressing students out beyond all reasonable measure. I wonder if it would fall under cheating if I were to bring in an inhaler for asthma, everything else can be considered cheating.
I had a job interview today, it went pretty well, the guy and I laughed the entire time, is that a good sign? I'm rambling, I can't think straight... hehehe.... I'm out for sleep


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A 60% is a pass. And, honestly, they read through your essays in like two minutes. You'll be fine.
But, yes, I'm pretty sure the point of AP is to sadistically stress all students past any reason. It is College Board, after all.
As for the inhaler, it probably depends on your proctor. But I'm sure if you explain it will be fine.

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