Busy, Busy, Busy

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So my life has been extremely busy. This is the first time i've actually sat down and enjoyed time by myself... not that i haven't enjoyed my time earlier it's just different. I had my first day of drivers ed today.... it was extremely boring. But once i'm done it and get my in car i get my G2 (which allows me to drive alone with certain conditions) Right now i have my G1 which means i have to drive with an experienced driver. I'll write more later on the Ontario graduated licensing system but right now i'm tired. Then i went straight from there across the bridge to Detroit and did a bit of birthday present shopping with my dad (for my step-bro) and then to the Piston's game... the only detroit team to lose tonight. Tigers won 19-3 and Red Wings one 2-1 or 3-1 (can't remember) the point is that Pistons lost... badly. Shock play tomorrow and hopefully they don't follow in the steps of their older brother (the Pistons) but rather follow thre other family members (Wings, n Tigers).
Tomorrow is Step-Bro's birthday party with his friends, which i made cupcakes for like 30 minutes ago.. still have to ice them tomorrow mornin.
Then i go straight from there to the SHOCK game! YAYA!
Friday night i spent the majority of the night working on a physics project. The typing part was easy but i had to draw pictures too... and i can't draw pictures to save my life.. then i had to color them, which was way worse.
Monday is Co-op, School then Pistons
Tuesday- Co-op, School, Music Lessons, Step-Bro's family birthday party
Wednesday- Co-op, School, Tutoring+ making brownies for my friends
Thursday- In-School, Doctors, Band
Friday- Co-op, School, Maybe Pistons
Saturday- Driver's Ed, Tutoring
Sunday- Projects, Tutoring
Monday- Co-op, School, Tutoring
After that i can't remember... but all spare time i'm working on projects or just taking a chance to breath, sleep and enjoy being at home or wherever i am.
I'm going to bed now...
I'm also thinking of going to my communities local gay youth group... but i don't have time this week so maybe next week, my mom knows the guy who runs it so i've thought about it before i'm just nervous to go because i'm not good around new people, i'm self-concious the whole low-self-esteem thing. And sometimes new situations give me anxiety and i get anxiety attacks where i can't breathe and i melt down and it's now fun at all.


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Vermont currently has a

Vermont currently has a graduated system in place.

Learner's permit - parent/guardian with a license or an adult above the age of 22 with a license.
Driver's permit - Can drive alone, with adults above the age of 22
Driver's permit I - Can drive with siblings and adults above the age of 18 (Takes 3 months after the driver's permit to be upgraded)
Graduated Driver's permit - Can drive with anyone (Takes 6 months after driver's permit to be upgraded)