Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and a really big number-----

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are all words I shouldn't be hearing at the age of 16 (going on 17) and I hate that at this age I have to be hearing these words and that it scares me soo much. I hate going to the doctors, i avoid it at all costs and when i actually go it's because i have to ie... I'm so sick i haven't eaten things in days, my throats has hurt for a month, lumps or i need shots or i get kicked outta school
I had to go to the doctor to get shots(14-16yr old booster). I thought my mom was just going to bring me to the clinic or something but no she decided to bring me to the family doctor who i haven't seen since grade 5 (6 yrs ago) and that was only so i could get a refferal to go see the eye doctor.
I honestly hate my doctor she's such a bitch. She goes do you know you're severely over weight???
I"m like wtf.. no sorry i didn't notice.. i thought i was a size 4! Dr's ask stupid question. Then she starts going on about gardisil and about condoms not 100% effect me and my mom burst out laughing... my mom's liek well if you ever go straight. The dr was just like oh..oh... oh okay. Well you can get it by touching... no the fuck you can't!!! HPV you can't get by touching someone.. otherwise everyone would have it. Then she goes when was your last period i'm like i dunno like late march early april then she replies with a "are you sexually active?" I just fucking told you i'm gay.. obviously if i'm having sex it's with a female and i aint preggers.
But basically i wann fucking show that doctor up and lose a ton of weight.. which i was already trying to do but i'm now more motivated. I went out and ran.. not just jogged i ran.. i'm more of a sprinter so sprinted a block walked/fast walked a block the sprinted etc. My dog isn't to good at the running with me thing.. he was lagging behind which is amusing because he runs around the house like crazy.
I got home from my run/walk and when i was talking to my mom I told her we ran she just said... that's cool. I'm like I'm gunna stick it to that fucking bitch and just prove to her that i'm not some fat tub of lard who can't do anything.


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Just imagine scantily clad cheerleaders cheering you on while you run (it makes it all so much more appealing)

it's choking on your beliefs; it's your worst sin saving your fucking life
it's the devil's knife carving holes into you soul so angels will have a place to make their way inside
life doesn't rhyme
-Andrea Gibson

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Why not prove to yourself that you can do it?

Also, if she's telling you something you know, why does it bother you? You can't give those words power and then complain when someone uses the power you give them. Fat. Dyke. All the same. If you give people weapons to use against you, gotta own your role in it.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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