College, why bother?

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After spending the majority of my seventeen years of life perfectly planned as to where I would be attending college, I know find myself, after three days of "intense" research on colleges, having absolutely no clue where I want to go. It isn't the problem of what major I want to pursue or how much money I have to achieve my college goal, no, it's about what campus I want to have my education commence upon. With the inept ex coming to Davis so her education the drive to leave Sacramento has become more of a necessity than a goal. But where do I want to go? What sites do I wish to have around me? What kind of people do I wish to be around? Sonoma State seems like an amazing college and has a beautiful campus, but is a known party school. Sac State has a high ranking music program, but that is closer to an ex than I want to be. And San Francisco State is another amazing college, but can I honestly afford to live in that area? My head is about to explode! Why is it now I need a pretty piece of paper telling me I have knowledge on music? What does that say about my teaching abilities? What does that honestly say about my knowledge? Why are colleges so greedy? $150 for a book I may not use very often and will be obsolete the next semester. When did I lose myself and my assurance about where I wanted to go? Why does this all have to be so complicated? I need to go fill out yet another scholarship application. Anyone know a good one for an ambidextrous, vegetarian, Jewish, Italian Lesbian with 500+ hours of community service?


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Why you staying in NoCal?

"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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The Point Foundation. Check

The Point Foundation. Check them out, they're all about LGBTQ students getting money for college.