Digital Cameras!

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Hey everyone,

Seeking some advice on digital camera purchasing for university/summertime use! I want:
-something that's small enough to fit into my pocket but that won't get scratched up/die if it drops
-something with good quality photos, Facebook-friendly but I don't need high-quality prints at all
-something that takes good pictures in a nightclub setting or in sunshine
-something that takes nice quality video
-something with at least 6 hours of battery life before needing to be charged/uses double A's that I can just buy cheaply and use as needed
-something that looks good
-something that can zoom, maybe 2x-3x, but nothing extreme necessary
-something under $400 CAD!

I realize it's a list that may be tough to meet the demands of, but if anyone's purchased an especially good camera recently or has been looking for something similar and narrowed down the options, please let me know!

Something like the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T30 -
HERE - seems good, but I don't need an LCD screen and it's basically over $500.

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CNET is your best bet, they do pretty exhaustive reviews and since you know what is important to you, I think they have a way to input all that stuff and it will come back with what cameras meet your criteria.

Personally, I've had great luck with the Canon PowerShot line in the past, which always ranks really high.

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I'd suggest Canon. It's

I'd suggest Canon. It's tiny, good quality, and does everything for a quick shot. Pentax and Panasonic both do a good job too.
Sony's good, my roommate uses it, but the screen gets shaky after a while.

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under any circumstances buy a Sony Cybershot! Sony is not a camera company, they are an electronics company, when buying a camera its best to buy from a company that is actually a camera company. That said, for small pocket sized cameras with great quality I recommend the Cannon SD series. Lots of cool features, the flash is not overpowering, and they seem to be pretty durable.
Personally I have a Nikon, but it's not pocket size, so thats out of the question according to your wanted list. I chose this camera because of the lens quality and capability.
My other two cameras (both SLR's one digital one analog) are Minolta, which has been taken over by Sony and is not the bane of my existence.

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Don't buy a sony... i mad

Don't buy a sony... i mad that mistake..
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Another thing,

check out thats really great site for digital photograph reviews.

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My parents' camera is a Kodak Easyshare, I've forgotten the model number. It's definitely pocket-sized, I think it takes video, and the pictures are actually pretty good as long as you don't zoom in too much (it's a 10X digital zoom but everything's blurry if you zoom in all the way). It does have an LCD screen, which you say you don't need, but they can actually be helpful.

Kodak makes a bunch of different Easyshare models, though, so make sure you get one that fits your needs. (I have a different model than my parents, with a better zoom and probably better pictures but DEFINITELY not pocket-sized.)

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I would suggest the Flip

I would suggest the Flip Media Cam, all in one unit. No cables, no chargers, no memory cards. I have a Canon SD 500 which I love, small and nice, but it had a ton of cables and a charger and it cost me about 300$, but I didn't want to bring it with me to college and risk loosing something. The Flip was about 100$ so yup, it is worth it.

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Okay Magoos

Thanks for the advice!

I didn't narrow it down much but if you've got input on any of the following (other than basic stuff I put down), that'd be amazing:

Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH or SD 1100 – updated 1000, more colours
Canon PowerShot SD790 IS/SD870 IS/890 – super flash
Casio EX-S10 – lots of video recording options, very poor low light performance?
Kodak EasyShare V1073
Panasonic DMC-FX35K
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS20K

They all look compact and stylish (though IMO the Canons look a little uglier in their own pictures) but I'm trying to ensure that what I pick has a strong enough flash for a nighttime scene and also a good battery life in particular.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC FS20K!

Panasonic Lumix DMC FS20K! ABSOLUTELY GET THIS ONE! Gah! Panasonic makes some great great cameras! And the Lumix series is the best.

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Panasonic Power!

I picked up the Panasonic Lumix FS3, it's pretty nifty! Much smaller than what it even appeared to be in-store, although I need a nicer case for it now since the leather one I wound up getting is a bit too bulky for my pockets' liking!

Can anyone recommend a good skin-like camera case?

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