Er... post 1.

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Well... looks like I'm finally posting on here, after reading a few journal entries and becoming more comfortable w/ putting my own stuff out there. I've got to admit, I've been reading Riku's journal for months now, and finally signed up as a member a couple weeks ago.

I should be sleeping.

Just came back from a queer fest screening of short films, 'twas fun. :) Anyone ever seen the queer short film The Milkman? If you haven't, you should (if you can find it). It reminds you that there are new, different, surprising, and yet somehow familiar, perspectives on things and people out there. Or, at least, it reminded me. XP

It's nice, because tonight I really needed a shot of 'queer', and thank goodness I got it! I simultaneously watched Hot Rod and Queer as Folk episodes, then read Riku's latest entry and headed off to the fest.

Instead of dealing with the tangled up mess that is my 'life.' I'll expand on that later, but seriously... I've just been escaping and escaping and escaping, and almost every time I do that, I pay the price of things getting even more tangled due to being left unattended. But who wants to start dealing with a million things (especially a sleep-deprived who) when they can just turn off their cell phone, start walkin' some road in unpredictable directions, get a few shots of queer, get intoxicated, talk to strangers... anything that appeals to the free spirit?!

Alright, class tomorrow.


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Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site! I know what you mean about escaping. I think everybody does it, but not everyone realizes they do. At least you're aware of it, right?

Glad you're posting! Welcome again!!

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Oh wow, are you serious? XD

Oh wow, are you serious? XD I haven't been using the site very much recently. (I still love it here though, :D ) How many have you read? *curious now*

I don't need to worry about shots of "queer" anymore. Probably about 70% of my friends are some form of queer. I'm not even sure how it happened. Maybe there's something in the water...? XD

I'm always trying to 'escape' but whatever it is, it always catches up with me. I'm more cautious than I'd like to be, but grass is always greener on the other side right?

But now I'm interested in what this person who's been silently reading my journals for oh-so-long has to say. Welcome to Oasis! ^^

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Time for a confession... I'm a big fan of Riku journals, too. And Lol-taire's. They're always thought-provoking. Although usually I'll read everyone's.

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I feel like I'm famous or

I feel like I'm famous or something. XD It's weird.

I'd read more journals, but I don't make enough time for it. I think I'm going to start though, because I miss this place. :)

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I totally understand about needing a shot of queer. I get that a lot.

And about escaping....

it's choking on your beliefs; it's your worst sin saving your fucking life
it's the devil's knife carving holes into you soul so angels will have a place to make their way inside
life doesn't rhyme
-Andrea Gibson