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A few weeks back, I had this unusual premonition that today (5th May, Cinco de Mayo!) would be a good day.

Lo and behold, today was great.

The day started off slow, as all Mondays do. In Chinese class, my friend JC & I talked about the sundayOUT festival... now I'd been doubting if he was gay, but when he knew what I was talking about before I even explained, I was like... yeah. you're gay. or you have gay friends that told you about it :P

Blah blah blah English, blah blah blah Theology...

And then, I had the BEST ART CLASS.

So my art teacher is explaining our new project, and he takes like, the majority of the class upstairs to the computer lab, and I'm left with my crush and a few other kids. As soon as my teacher leaves, my crush comes over and starts eyeballing my project ideas (thief!). We talk for a little while, and then he showed me a magic trick-- which, when you work with actual magick as part of your religious practice, stage magic gets annoying. But he looked cute trying to impress me, so I made no objection. Then I started talking about Witchcraft with him, and he randomly throws an eraser at me, and I'm like "WTF? Oh, you're in for it."
So I grab a ruler from off my desk, and proceed to chase him around the art studio. Yes, this is what I do around people I like, I act like a jackass. :P

I was a little sad when the bell rang for 5th period, considering I probably wouldn't see my crush until tomorrow, but before I left class, I touched his hair. Because...well, I'm creepy. But he didn't even notice because I did it so lightly... but his hair felt so nice and soft. Yep. I'm a creep. :D

Blah blah blah Study Hall, Lunch...blah blah blah Chemistry, Algebra II...

Then the school day was over! And then I went over my granny's, ate some of her delicious cooking, went home, did HW and such, and now I'm gonna go to bed. I'm sleepy. >.>;;


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The 5th was my mommy's

The 5th was my mommy's birthday!