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University life sure isnt all it's cracked up to be. So many assignments, assholes galore, horrible lecturers... it's just like school but more freedom and no uniform. and that isn't a blessing in disguise, sometimes its easier not having to think about what you'll where every day!
money is an issue... my mum is secretly paying for my daily stuff lately... my car registration, my suit hire for a school formal im invited to, etc she's such a sweetheart, i love her so much. i dont do enough for her, i really love her. she knows money is tight for me at the moment, and she's helping me out without me asking.

at this very second im talking to A (ex BF A) for the very first time on msn... i'll let u guys know how things turn out...


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Uniforms? Really. Vermont is

Uniforms? Really.
Vermont is wicked lax I guess. No school has a uniform policy...

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every school in australia

every school in australia has uniforms, im pretty sure. they're wonderful, even when they're daggy. who cares about individuality? give me the security of a school uniform any day...

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good luck talking with A. I hope it goes well:)