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ok...theres this guy in my english class that moved from houston...well when he first came i didnt think much of him...just thought oh just another kind in my class....but when i see him walk and talk, i can tell hes gay...but hes not much of a talker...i try to talk to him but he gives short response answers and i dont have much to say...but theres always the eye contact we have he looks at me and when i look at him he turns away...and i look at him and i turn is there any help out there???

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welll... you can do a few

welll... you can do a few things. you could start off by dressing to impress. and make a point to talk to him often about movies, tv shows, books, any hobbies you might have. throw all your charm at him at once. try to find out about what he is interested in and talk to him about that. One things people can be counted on is to talk about what THEY like. and males in particular. (I am a guy I should know =P ) and while your cozying up to him socially try to make innocuous touches that seem accidental like brushing is shoulder lightly when you walk by him etc etc...

OR... cut through all the crap and just ask him. (sorry. I am a very devious and manipulative person, but some things I suggest being very FORWARD about.)
Good Luck :)

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How long ago did he move?

When they're new, you can sort of say hi and ask them stuff. After that window, it's a bit harder.


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