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so I'm feeling better about myself now. I'm still not that comfortable with my life ATM...there's a few things that need changing, but I'm slowly getting there.

Anyhow, today I was watching one of my ghost hunting/paranormal shows, and I realized, I have never seen one gay person ever talk about living in a haunted house, or seeing spirits and such. Not that it's really that important, I just thought it was interesting.

So after noticing that, I decided to take some time to share something with you all... my experiences with the paranormal. And before you ask, I was not under the influence of anything (drugs, alcohol, etc.) when I experienced these things.

So, for a little while now, like maybe 2-3 years on and off, I've been having various sorts of spirit activity around me. It hasn't been as severe as some of the stories I've read about, but still odd nonetheless. The activity heightened in frequency after my dog died last November. So here are some of the things I've experienced, in no particular order:

I've seen the apparition of my dog several times, in the same spot. When I see him, he is wearing the blue and red sweater he always wore (I think he died in it). The day after my dog died, I heard him howl. Several days after my dog passed away, my neighbor asked us if we got a new dog (or something like that), b/c she has heard sounds of a dog barking and such when we're out of the house. And no, we never got a new dog.

On a few occasions when I was younger, I heard the sound of someone breathing, in a very raspy way, when I was alone. The creepiest time was when I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, and I heard the sound, and it sounded as if the source was very close to my ear. I'm assuming it was my great uncle, as it started happening after he died, and he had lung problems when he was alive, which could account for the raspy quality of the sound. This particular phenomena hasn't happened recently, though.

Now, I can understand seeing my dog and uncle... but more recently, I've begun to see/sense/hear spirits I don't even recognize. The most unusual phenomena (and I still shudder a little at this one) that has occurred happened when I was alone, in my room. I was working at my desk, which has a mirror in front of it, so I can see if someone's opening the door. So I'm working, and I had the door halfway open...and out of the corner of my eye, I notice something in the door in the mirror. I look in the mirror, and there's this white, mist-like thing standing there, clutching the door, as if its peeking in. It forms the outline of a man, but I can't see any facial features or anything. I whirl around. Nothing at the door. Don't you hate when that happens?

Most recently, I saw something at school. I saw this very faint outline of a person move across the stage in the auditorium, and, of course, no one else saw it... :\

So there you have it.


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That's pretty awesome =] If

That's pretty awesome =] If it were happening to me I'd scare myself shitless just typing that up, but I'm jealous of you at the same time haha.
Hopefully they are friendly spirits. X]

Speaking of paranormal shows.. Watch the X-Files by any chance?

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I must admit, it does settle

I must admit, it does settle me a little seeing spirits and such, but I've never been attacked or called out, so I figure they (whoever they are) aren't out to get me, so it's best just to leave them be.

I watched the X-files when I was young, I never got really into it, my mom did though :]

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probably don't hear about gay people seeing ghosts because the two wouldn't be connected. I mean, you always hear that drunk rednecks see UFOs because it is related to their believability, whereas you never hear them called heterosexual drunk rednecks.

Although, I suppose if the aliens took them on board and did an anal probe, and their reaction was "It was ... AWESOME!!" then the press would have to contextualize that this guy was a gay drunk redneck, which is why he enjoyed what is typically considered unpleasant. :-)


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