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does anybody out here know how to tell if your ex still loves you like she says she does im having some real troubles with that one? i just need some answers. somebody talk to me!!!!!

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trust me theres a good

trust me theres a good reason why shes yer ex...leave it at that
all i can say is fall in love w/ sumone that deserves yer love not sumone that will play w/ it

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I totally agree

I totally agree,if their your ex then they probably didn't love you too much in the first place. Move on that relation-ship has sailed.

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If you both want to stay as ex's, and she says she loves you, then she might just mean she loves you like she loves all her friends? But not as much as she would need for you to be romantic?

All speculative, of course, since we don't have much info here.


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