green tea

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is evil. not really. i love it. but i really shouldn't love it after 6pm. im still up. which is good because i have to take my banana bread out of the oven still. i know. it's weird that im baking at this time of night but banana bread is one of my top-sellers at my bake sales. i know. "cute." that's what this one girl told me after i told her about my bake sale. as if it's juvenile. over $160 isn't juvenile to me. i don't know about you. it's not a lemonade stand. it's baked goods. so i made my banana bread with chocolate chips. it was a tip i got from a girl who was over my house tonight to play euchre with me and some of my other friends. anyone else have any interesting baked good ideas. im trying to mix it up a bit. currently i have chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, brownies and cupcakes that i have for sale.


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Hmm... I love this book...

Just reviewed it on my other site:


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Sticky Buns. Cinnamon Swirl

Sticky Buns. Cinnamon Swirl Bread. Challah. Packaged Fruit Salad. A Heath Bar Styled "Sheet". Trail Mix. Muffins.

Sticky buns are simple. It's just caramel, nuts and basic bun dough.

Cinnamon swirl can be made from any bread, you just roll the dough out, make up a cinnamon "paste" (butter, sugar, cinnamon) and layer it on the dough. You roll it. You put it in a pan.

Challah is traditional Jewish bread. Use some sesame seads, poppy seeds, garlic ect. It's a basic bread.

Trail mix is simple too. Same thing with fruit salad. Just remember, put a citric acid fruit (Lime or Lemon) on apples and such. It adds flavor and it stops the browning of the apple. Also, sprinkle some salt on it, it draws the flavor out.

I can't do bake sales at school. It's a no-tree nut zone area...

Damn... I wanna do a bake sale...

And green tea. Really? That much caffeine does it for you? Even espresso doesn't do crap to me.