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I need to know how to like go on sites without them being recorded into the history.Like so people don't know I go on gay-support ype websites.Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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after you leave the site, go

after you leave the site, go into your webpage history (which should be an arrow next or underneath your back button). click it and select which sites you want to delete. Right-click and delete.

there may be an option to keep any websites from being recorded but this is the quickest way I know of.

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Depends on your web browser...

Some you can turn off tracking/cache/history, some you have to clear it when you're done.

I think the easiest thing, if you and your family all use the same computer/browser, is to install Firefox or something, as a second browser. Then you have that and can keep it safe AND it's separate.


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that is what I do...

...and I also have Firefox set not to save histories. But, especially if you want to bookmark anything, it's best if (like me) you're the only one to use that browser.

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Thank you people!:)

Thank you people!:)

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Yup, with Firefox the

Yup, with Firefox the easiest thing to do is go to Tools->Clear Private Data->Clear Private Data Now. The End! :)

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Not the most helpful, but...

Upon surfing the internet, I found this firefox toolbar/plugin thing.
It lets you clear your data with a single button and it creates an alternate web address bar that doesn't save history and stuffs.