Hmm... any cute boys in their mid-20s reading?

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Hey there...

Starting to do research for my second novel, and part of that is going to be putting up fake online profiles and ads and using the real responses that come in to sort of flesh out the world I'm looking into.

Sorry, that's as much detail as the general populace needs. I will say the novel is using this essay as its seed:

What I need are pics of guys in their mis 20s in bed. Now, before ya'll think this is a scam, I should point out they should be pics you can show your mom. No nudes (topless is fine).

Should be sort of arty shots of you in bed, face can be partially/completely obscured, and I will also not post ads to your region as far as Craigslist, etc., so it should remain somewhat anonymous.

pm me for more info.



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i am now in love with that

i am now in love with that piece, just thought i'd let you know...

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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heh, thanks...

I keep thinking there's more to explore there, so I'm going to expand that into novel form somehow, AFTER I finish my current book edit, AND after I write the gay youth book. But, should be interesting to get real replies to guys who want a cuddler, and to hear what sort of scenario they imagine...


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