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Never really experienced it. I'm starting to though. My growing pride isn't liked by a couple people. It kind of hurts when they make fun of me.

Especially when people joke about homophobia. Like WTF! This girl told me that she doesn't want OutRightVT to come and do an assembly because she's doesn't agree with that stuff. And I about exploded at her for being on Student Council, which has taken on the mission of teaching tolerance, respect and acceptance of all people regardless of any differences. I just wanted to slap that girl. Then she tried to apologize and say that she was going. Screw her, if that's a joke to her then i don't want to socialize with her.

Is being gay really that bad?


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It can be

People still get a lot of crap about being gay, sometimes it goes to an extreme like in the case of the two characters in the book Dream Boy. Only rarely though. I believe it's almost possible for a complete happily ever after nowadays.

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Uh... something to point out

I don't care about the outright bigots. They can often be marginalised themselves. Sometimes the biggest bigots are the ones that blend so well in school, parliament and other authorities.

And it's sad most people feel sorry for gay people and that's it. This evoking of emotion and sympathy but doing nothing shows the apathetic majority of complicit bystanders are just as much to blame.

Imagine what this world could be without apathy.

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Being gay canNOT be wrong.

Being gay canNOT be wrong. Its who you love and want to be with.What can be so wrong about that?! Those stuck up straight people dont understand and probably dont want to. If they think its wrong to love someone you want to,then sadly,this world is going to the dogs.
Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.

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The world is like that.
Actually it is even worse and with your growing outgoingness your going to find people who are worse than that girl.
So once again I would like to say be careful =]
I'd hate to read that such an adorable kidd got a horrible taste of reality.